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Flyway Management Workshop, Sweden

Taiga Bean Goose (Anser fabalis fabalis)
Flyway Management Workshop
Kristianstad, Sweden
December 5th 2013

The workshop is linked to the process preparing the AEWA Single Species Action Plan for A f. fabalis.

Organized by Swedish Association for Hunting and Wildlife Management and Kristianstad University.



Main Objectives

  • To provide opportunities for learning and understanding conservation and management challenges along the Flyway, focusing on the conflicts in the wintering areas
  • To discuss and agree what coordinated Flyway Level actions should be taken prior to the official implementations of AEWA ISSAP for the effective implementation of the Plan from 2016 onwards (Focus in Nordic Countries)
  • To deliver key messages from the official ISSAP workshop held in Tuusula, Finland 12-14.11.2013 to national NGO’s and people unable to join the meeting


Workshop Document, minutes of the meeting

Mikko Alhainen
ISSAP Workshop results from Finland

Thomas Heinicke
Taiga Bean Goose Flyways and population trends

Adriaan de Jong & Leif Nilsson
Management challenges, and conservation efforts in staging/wintering areas of the Taiga Bean goose, especially Sweden

David Schönberg Alm
Hunting and Conservation regulations and legislation regarding Bean Geese in Sweden

Niklas Liljebäck & Ere Grenfors
Hunting and Conservation of Taiga Bean geese in the Nordic Countries from Hunters perspective

Anders Wirdheim
Birdwatchers view on the Taiga Bean Goose

Niklas Liljebäck
Data on hunting of Bean Geese in Sweden

Johan Månsson
Agricultural conflicts and damage control within Swedish goose management

Anders Hallengren
Goose management in the main wintering grounds of the Taiga Bean Goose population

Craig Miller
Successful harvest reporting and Human dimensions to waterfowl hunting regulations – how to make things work