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Terms of Use

The website is a free service offered by the Finnish Wildlife Agency. The website provides up-to-date information on game administration, game husbandry and hunting, and acts as an archive for press releases and publications. All the pages are written in Finnish and Swedish, some of them also in Sami or English.

All the information provided by the website is intended for informative purposes only and should not be treated as legal or commercial advice or anything equivalent. The website allows you to send feedback to the Finnish Wildlife Agency. It is designed to function with combinations of the most common browsers and operating systems and its functioning with these has been tested.

The website is intended for all the interest groups of the Finnish Wildlife Agency. The users of the website pledge to use it according to currently valid laws, terms of use and good practice. Users’ personal details are only collected if they have given their consent for it in their communications with the Finnish Wildlife Agency; for example, in connection with giving feedback.

The website’s contents, such as text and images, are copyrighted according to the Copyright Act. The Finnish Wildlife Agency reserves all rights to the website and its contents unless specified otherwise. Users have the right to utilise or print out the contents of the website and the information contained within for private, non-commercial purposes. The media have the right to utilise the website’s press releases and their pictures for journalistic purposes, on the condition that the source of the information is mentioned when used.

It is prohibited to use of any of the website’s text or other material for commercial purposes, or purposes which are in violation of good practices, or purposes whose aim it is to deliberately hinder the activities of the Finnish Wildlife Agency. The website is a source of contact addresses for the employees of the Finnish Wildlife Agency. Using the contact addresses for anything but legitimate purposes is prohibited.

The Finnish Wildlife Agency is responsible for the contents of the material it has itself produced for the website, for the copyrights and other incorporeal rights. The Finnish Wildlife Agency is not responsible for other content on the website, nor for content that is supplied or received through the website, or with its help. The Finnish Wildlife Agency reserves the right to add, change or remove any section from the website, or to stop maintaining the website in part or in full, or to restrict entry to the website at any time.

The Finnish Wildlife Agency is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or losses caused to the user by any incorrect contents, technical defects, maintenance work or data security risks. The Finnish Wildlife Agency will in no circumstances be responsible for any damages caused to the computer system used or to the information stored in it.

Instructions for Conversations in the Social Media

The Finnish Wildlife Agency’s social media pages and blogs are maintained by the Finnish Wildlife Agency’s communications team. Conversations and comments are monitored regularly and every effort is made to answer all valid questions. The views of everyone taking part in the conversations are valuable, and we hope for varied conversations on the subject of game.

All comments by the people taking part in the conversations must comply with the law and follow good practices. The Finnish Wildlife Agency cannot be held responsible for any opinions, assertions, links to other websites or other outside content presented in the comments. Inappropriate texts and advertising will be removed without notice.

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