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Customer service and advice (weekdays at 9 – 15)
phone 029 431 2001, e-mail

address Sompiontie 1, 00730 Helsinki,

Licence Administration Registry
address  Sompiontie 1, 00730 Helsinki,

Hunting licences
phone 029 431 2002,  e-mail
November–June: weekdays 9–16
July–October: weekdays 8–18

Shop and orders (weekdays at 9 – 17)
phone 020 331 515 e-mail


Phone calls in Finland to our numbers with the prefix 029 are charged with ordinary local service or mobile service fees.

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Name Position Tags
Alhainen, Mikko Senior Planning Officer International cooperation, projects, subsidies for game habitats
Boström, Irene Special adviser Customer service
Ekman, Klaus Head of media and communications ”Metsästäjä” magazine
Eronen, Visa Game manager, Uusimaa Control of big game and seal populations, derogations concerning birds
Hakala, Minna Game planner
Hakala, Sirpa Special adviser Customer service
Harju, Saana Senior Planning Officer Licence administration
Hautanen, Jaakko Game planner, Rannikko-Pohjanmaa Development project of Game management associations in Pohjanmaa and Rannikko-Pohjanmaa
Heikkilä, Juha Game planner, Pohjanmaa Training for game management associations, firearms laws & shooting ranges
Heimo, Lasse Special adviser Oma riista
Hepo-oja, Harri Game manager, Oulu Forest legislation & wildlife habitats
Hermansson, Jörgen game planner, Varsinais-Suomi Islands, management of cervid small game populations
Hokkanen, Ville Project manager; Oma riista Game data systems
Huhtinen, Riitta Special adviser Registry office and documentation
Härkönen, Sauli Director for public administration tasks
Hölli, Otto Information system specialist, Pohjois-Häme ICT
Impola, Antti Game manager, Satakunta Game councils
Itkonen, Lauri Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Juntunen, Ritva Special adviser Customer service
Kangas, Veli-Matti Game planner, Oulu Shooting test
Karhula, Kari Game planner Kosteikot ja vieraspetopyynti -hankkeet
Kervinen, Matti Senior Planning Officer
Keränen, Jukka Game manager, Kainuu Sustainable hunting, grouse
Kiukas, Erkki Game manager, Southeast Finland Hunter’s examination
Kontro, Valto Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Korhonen, Tuija Special adviser Financial administration
Kotilainen, Reijo Game planner, Pohjois-Karjala Damages caused by game, wetlands, foodstuffs legislation & meat hygiene
Kuhlström, Sirpa Game planner, Etelä-Häme Game management associations
Kuittinen, Juha Game manager, Pohjois-Karjala Ethical hunting
Kuitunen, Tero Communications planner Metsästäjä magazine
Kursula, Olli Game manager, Keski-Suomi Game counts and use of game data in hunting clubs
Körhämö, Jani Game manager, Pohjois-Häme Management plan for moose population
Laaja, Reima Game planner, Satakunta Help provided by authorities in big game issues (SRVA)
Laine, Eerojuhani Game Planner Developing deer monitoring -project
Lamberg, Teemu Game planner, Keski-Suomi Game husbandry, wetlands and blood tracking
Laukkanen, Paula Instructor, game management association of Helsinki Customer service
Lehikoinen, Pekka Financial manager Agreements & contracts
Littow, Inga Special adviser Financial administration
Luoma, Mikael Game manager, Pohjanmaa Management plan for the Finnish wolf population
Lyly, Mari Senior Planning Officer Territory cooperation, management of large carnivores
Lönnfors, Carola Special adviser Financial administration
Miettinen, Janne Senior Planning Officer Wildlife friendly forest management
Mikkola, Marko Senior Planning Officer Services for hunters
Muuttola, Marko Game planner, Etelä-Häme Game husbandry and game management
Mänty, Maria Special adviser Financial administration
Norberg, Harri Senior Planning Officer Damages caused by big game, statistics on hunting licences and derogations
Nurmi, Jarkko Game husbandry manager
Paakkonen, Risto Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Paananen, Esko Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Paasimaa, Marko Senior Planning Officer, game planner, Kainuu Derogations concerning big game
Paavola, Heli Special adviser Licence administration
Pellas, Stefan Game manager, Rannikko-Pohjanmaa Islands, hunting & management of seal population
Pietarinen, Petteri Planning officer Welfare Generated by Game
Pigg, Jari Vice-Director
Piironen, Antti Game planner, Uusimaa
Pispa, Tuomo Administration manager
Rantala, Mirja Communications planner Media and communications
Rauhala, Jyri Game manager, Etelä-Häme Permits for dog tests and training, permits and derogations pursuant to Hunting Act, Sect. 40, 41c, and 41d
Rinne, Antti Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Ruuska, Timo Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Ruuskanen, Tuula Special adviser HR
Salo, Ohto Game planner, Etelä-Savo Wild boar
Saunaluoma, Joni Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Siira, Antti Senior Planning Officer, Oulu
Sundqvist, Marion Logistics planner Sales & purchase invoices and warehouse & webshop
Svensberg, Marko Senior Planning Officer Game husbandry
Särkijärvi, Leena Special adviser Financial administration
Södergård-Ahlskog, Lena Special adviser Translation services
Tanskanen, Jouni Game manager, Pohjois-Savo Regional communication
Tervonen, Kimmo Tietojärjestelmäasiantuntija Oma riista
Toivola, Mikko Game manager, Varsinais-Suomi Hunting & nature conservation
Toivonen, Timo Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Tolvanen, Jouni Game planner, Southeast Finland Youth activities
Tossavainen, Sami Game manager, Lapland Hunting Act Sect. 8
Varjo, Jari Director-General
Varjus, Tuula Special adviser Customer service
Vartiainen, Petri Game manager
Viitanen, Ville Moose management officer Hirvitalousalueiden toiminnan kehittäminen
Wikström, Mikael Senior Planning Officer Management of cervid game populations