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International Cooperation

Finland’s international cooperation in game management is planned and coordinated by the Finnish Wildlife Consortium. The Finnish Wildlife Agency participates in international cooperation as a representative of the State of Finland.

The international work of the Finnish Wildlife Agency has three main objectives:

1) It is necessary to predict international development trends to be able to create a strategic plan for Finnish game husbandry. It requires

  • international networking
  • participating in activities carried out by international institutions
  • exchanging information with international partners (Wildlife Consortium, environmental administration) and acting as a specialist in Finland

2) Directives largely define the content of our national legislation. There is a desire to influence the contents of international agreements as well as recommendations and directives based on these agreements. It requires

  • participating in meetings, negotiations, working groups, and other situations in which international agreements are made and confirmed
  • managing relationships with persons and entities who participate in the aforementioned situations and working groups

3) It is important to get information and share Finnish knowledge in international forums. It requires

  • networking with international experts in the field
  • that persons, who play a central role in working with these themes in Finland, participate in international activities
  • recruiting and training staff capable of international work

The international work of the Finnish Wildlife Agency will be developed as follows:

1) Persons responsible for international agreements and internationally important issues will be appointed.

  • Issues concerning Baltic seals (HELCOM): Manager of Game Management Mikko Toivola
  • Migratory waterbirds (AEWA): Project Manager Mikko Alhainen
  • Large carnivores: Senior Planning Officer Harri Norberg
  • International conservation issues (IUCN): Senior Planning Officer Marko Svensberg
  • International game conservation (CIC): Senior Planning Officer Mikael Wikström

2) Efforts will be made to carry out or participate in international management plans.

  • The EU-level Taiga Bean Goose management plan that covers the entire annual habitat and migration routes (FlyWay) serves as an example of this.

3) International expertise will be increased by

  • taking international expertise into account in recruitment
  • offering international assignments abroad for 6 to 12 months
  • educating employees in Finland about international agreements and the EU organization
  • supporting language studies among employees

4) The Finnish Wildlife Agency will participate in international cooperation with wildlife authorities.

  • Game husbandry administrations in the EU-27 countries
  • Special emphasis is put on the Baltic and Nordic countries

5) The Finnish Wildlife Agency will take responsibility for the administration of Finnish delegation for the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) and participate in the CIC’s work as an organization and representative of the State of Finland.

6) The Finnish Wildlife Agency will not take part in NGO work (hobby and advocacy organizations).