Aerial distribution of rabies vaccine baits starts on south-eastern border

Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira starts the aerial distribution of rabies vaccine baits on the south-eastern border on the 15th of September. It is important that all foxes, raccoon dogs and other small predators that are killed by hunters or found dead in or near the bait vaccination area are sent to Evira for follow-up examination.

The Rural Wetlands –projects reports available

LIFE+ Return of Rural Wetlands Layman and Final reports available at website. Finnish Wildlife Agency is thankful for all landowners and other people who joined the project activities as well as co-financiers for making this project such a success.

International guests participating in a hunt

Every year some two thousand foreign hunters visit Finland. In addition to a valid hunting card, a hunter arriving in Finland will need a hunting licence and possibly a shooting test certificate and a licence to bring a firearm or dog into the country.

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